Monday, August 28, 2006

God's Gift Mixtape Review

Eversince Nas squashed his beef with former rival Jay Z, hip hop fans have been waiting for the two to start collaborating together. Though it has been rumored that Nas's next album will feature a song with Jay Z, his album won't be released till the end of 2006. The closest thing to an official Nas and Jay Z collaboration would be this mixtape.
This mixtape contains past Nas rap verses and blends them with Jay's verses. Along side with these legendary verses, notrious mixtape DJs such as Mick Boogie, Joey Fingaz, and Terry Urban provides production that suits the rapper's sentences. Also, this mixtape cd includes a live recording of the actual reunion of Nas and Jay Z on stage.

This is one of the best Mixtape cds I have ever heard. Just hearing Nas's lyrical verses back to back with Jay Z's hardcore rhymes totally blows my mind away. Nas has been know for his poetic genius while Jay's been know for his energy. Having both of these rap legends on a track tends to balance it. Also, it was great to hear these emcees together because each track seems like Nas and Jay were communicating with each other. For example, on the track titled "24 Years to Life" Jay talks about his experience in the ghetto while Nas talks about how the ghetto brings the worst of people. Excellent word play from both of them.

Though this album sounds to good to be true, it does contains some flaws. Not all the tracks are good. On some of the songs, Jay Z just lacks intellegence to keep up with Nas's word play. Also, some of the production doesn't fit well with the two rappers. Other than these flaws, It's a pretty good mixtape to listen to.


Notable Tracks

24 Years to Life, Most Incredible, In Between Us, What's Beef?, Analyze This


Blogger Kelley Lugea said...

SOunds like something I would want to hear. Is this an unauthorized mix like the Grey Album or was it officially released by a label? I guess that kind of brings the whole pirating music question full circle.

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