Monday, September 04, 2006

What kind of Media Consumer am I?

The first thing that I do after I wake up is read the newspaper. When I get the newspaper, I would read the front page first because it has all the important events. I find it important to read at least the front page of a newspaper because if I don't, I would not know what is going on in our country. I consider this newspaper reading ritual a very important part of my morning.

Anytime I get some free time, I would go on the computer. When I go on Online, I would do two things. I would check my email and shop. I constantly check my email because it is great way for me to keep in touch with my relatives in the Philippines. Other than communicating with my family, I would also go online to shop. Often times, I would go to sites such as Amazon and Ebay and buy DVDs, video games, and CDs for really cheap prices. It's seriously much cheaper buying stuff online than buying it from a store.

When it comes to TV and movies, I consider myself to be a very light consumer. Since I am constantly out of my house because due to school and work, I do not have much to time to sit down and watch the Television. The only opportunity I have to watch TV is at 11:00pm after job. Often times I would watch the news and parts of the Tonight Show and that's basically it. For movies on the other hand, the only time I would watch movies is on a boring Sunday afternoon. Since there is no school and work on Sunday, it is the only time for me to watch movies that I would buy online.

I consider myself to be a very heavy consumer when it comes to music. I currently own around 350 hip hop cds. I listen to hip hop music everywhere I go. Whether it be in the car, on the computer, at school, or even at the comforts of my home, I constantly listen to hip hop all the time. Basically without hip hop, I would die!!!

Overall, I constantly consume media all the time. I would read the newspaper, I would listen to music in the car, and watch TV late at night. After reading doing this survey, I just realized how much my life depends on media.


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