Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Power of Recorded Music

Back in my junior year in High School, I was a hardcore nerd. I would play video games and watch japanese animated cartoons all day long. I was such a big nerd, that at one point in time I actually caught all the Pokemon that ever existed. Yup, I was a definite loser. During those times, I thought that I would remain this way for the rest of life. I would remain a nerd until that one signiciant day that changed my life.
My friend and I were patiently waiting to get picked up from school. While we waited for our dads, we conversated about current events to pass the time. As we talked, I noticed my friend was wearing these big head phones. I asked him what he was listening too and he told me he was listening to hip hop. Since I wanted pass the time, I asked him if I could listen to his music. He agreed and handed me his head phones and his Cd player. I knew hiphop before, but the hip hop my friend was playing was different. It had this simple beat that would be looped over and over, while the rapper would rap something that would actually be lyrical. It was totally different from the hip hop I would hear on the radio. At that point, the music has melted my brain and turned me into a mindless a zombie, and I wanted more. I asked my friend who the artist was, and he said it was a underground hip hop group called Atmosphere. As my friend's dad came to pick him up, he gladly handed me the burnt cd inside his player. He told me that I could have it. After that inncident, my friend then continued to school me on the essence of true hip hop. Now I am a hip hop head for life.

I currently own around 350 hip hop cds. I would at least by a new hip hop cd every week. Also, I would suscribe to hip hop magazines, write hip hop songs, and wear hip hop clothes. Hip hop is
life. I am a completely different person from who I was junior year.

That is the power of media. Recorded music has the power to change your lifestyle. It has changed me from a pokemon hungry nerd to a serious hip hop analyst. Now, I am planning to become magazine journalist, and have a carreer writing CD reviews for a hip hop magazine.


Anonymous Amir said...

Dude, I'm writing an entry about musicians moving from smaller record labels and then moving on to major labels. I did a whole bunch from the rock/alternative genre, but I don't know enough about rap record labels to give a decent analysis. Do you think you could read my latest entry and perhaps provide a point of view from someone who listens to rap? If you could it would be deeply appreciative.

3:49 PM  

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