Monday, September 11, 2006

Ways to counter downloading

I have proposed several solutions to the downloading problem.

1. Lower CD prices.

I believe the main reason why people don't buy music albums is because it's too expensive. A new CD today roughly cost around $15.00 to $24.00. I believe lowering the price to $5.00 would sound pretty reasonable. With lower CD costs, more people will tend to buy them. Now with a lot more people buying CDs, the companies can make up the money they lost from the low prices.

2. Get free stuff from buying an album.

When a record company sells a CD, they should also include free stuff along with it. Free stuff can include hats, key chains, action figures, or other things. Including these giveaways is good because the customer won't feel cheated. This can help convince the customer not the download songs because if the customer downloads the song and doesn't by the album, then he or she would miss the opportunity to get that free item.

3. Have the artist form a strong bond with the fans.

Instead of the artist laying around in their mansion all day, they should go out and meet their fans. They should have concerts often. Also, they should have autograph sessions with the fans. Doing these things can make a very strong die-hard fan base. By having a strong relationship, the fans would do the best they can to support the artist that bonded with them. Also, the fans will feel guilty for downloading a song from the artist. The main reason why people don't consider downloading stealing is because the fans feel that their is no connection between them and the artist. If the bond between artist and fan were to strengthen, then record sales will strengthen as well.

Music is more a bigger influence now than ever before. People constantly listen to music all the time. It's in their Ipod, in the car, in their computer, and even inside their cell phones. Music is one biggest influences in people's lives. Isn't it about time we help the industry back to it's feet.


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