Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Future for Books

Literature has been around for a long period in time. The reason why books have lasted so long is because it is crucial for human development. Humans put knowledge into text books so that other humans can read it and gain intelligence. Also, some books contains the imagination of authors. Once one of these books are read, it will entertain whoever that reads it. These factors, education and entertainment, are what keeps the books from disappearing. The need for education and the need for entertainment are supplied by books and novels. Basically without books, human society would remain ignorant.
It is true that books and literature are evolving. Some novels can now be read online. But for some apparent reason, it has not affected books in general. Unlike the music industry, the their is no website that get people into sharing their books online. I believe no one would ever want to share books online because no one would want to type up a whole novel. Just imagine copying every single word from a Harry Potter book, it would take some time. For music, all people need to do is burn it into their computer, which only takes a matter of seconds. Illegally copying novels are a lot more harder and time consuming.
Usually books are made for revenue. Most authors could care less about the money they receive from writing stories. They mostly writing stories because they love to write. Text books on the other hand are different. Just simply replace the words creative writing to knowledge. Text books are created because someone had a passion for something knowledgeable, and that person just wanted to pass the intelligence to someone else. Since books are all about passion, that means it usually won't make a lot of profit. That is why the music industry is failing. They prefer money over passion. Books are completely different from any kind of recorded music.
Another reason why books won't be popular on the computer is that, it's very difficult to read. Reading on a laptop or a computer screen is considered to be quite uncomfortable compared to reading a book. Also, books are very portable. You can take books possibly anywhere. That can't be said about computers and laptops.
Books are very important to human society. The only way for books to disappear is to have everyone in the world to be mindless illiterate zombies. I totally can see my grandchildren grandchildren reading books. As long as we have an evolving society, books will exist.

On the sidenote,

Today is the 10th Anniversay of Tupac's death.

R.I.P Tupac.



Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

Good post. Just a suggestion about blog conventions. You can write two blog posts in one day (you can write 100, if you like). So if you want to mark an occasion, like you did at the end of this post, write it as a separate post. Give it the attention it deserves.

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Blogger Jessica Chavez said...

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