Monday, September 18, 2006

Hip Hopaganda

When people hear the word propaganda, they would usually think of the Nazi's and WWII. But for me, most of the propaganda I encounter would come from the music I listen too. As many of you readers can tell, I listen to a lot of hip hop. Out of all the hip hop albums I listened too, there are two albums that stood out from the rest, when it came to propaganda. Those two albums are "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A. and"It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" by Public Enemy.

This is probably the most revolutionary hip hop album of all time. N.W.A is comprosed of 5 members, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Mc Ren, and DJ Yella. Each member played a vital part to the groups success. Ice Cube, Eazy E, and Mc Ren would rap the lyrics while Dr. Dre and DJ Yella would produce the beat. The songs they would create contain the harsh realities inside the housing projects in Compton. This album is not just a violent album, it is also very political. The album sends messages about police brutality, racism, and sterotypes within the ghetto. Not only did this album got people to realize that ghetto places exist, it also influence people to rebel against authority and injustice. The propaganda on the album was so serious, that the F.B.I. got involved. But the F.B.I.'s involvment didn't stop the N.W.A. The group fathered the gangster rap movement, which still goes on today. That's some serious propaganda.



Notable Tracks

Straight Outta Compton, F#ck the Police, I Ain't Tha 1, Gangsta Gangsta.

As N.W.A was fighting police on the west coast, there was another rap group that was making music that was "Louder Than a Bomb," on the other side of the country. N.W.A.'s east coast counter part, Public Enemy, was also making music that had serious propaganda. Rapper Chuck D, hypeman Flava Flav, and DJ Terminator X, had some political messages of their own. Instead of rapping about the gangster lifestyle, Public Enemy rapped about black power, self respect, and self determination. Chuck D. also talks a lot about black unity, ignorance, and fighting the power. This album can be compared to a wake up call or an alarm clock because the propaganda within the lyrics inspired a lot of people in the east coast to become more aware of what is going on around them. Also, that is why Flava Flav wears an clock. It's a sign telling people to wake up. This album is definatly one the best albums hip hop has to offer.



Notable Tracks

Bring the Noise, Don't Believe the Hype, Louder Than a Bomb, Party For Your Right to Fight.


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