Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Two Faces of the San Jose Mercury

I was reading a San Jose Mercury News article about the safest big city in America. According to what was written on the newspaper, New York was able to claim the title as "America's Safest Big City," while San Jose got second place. Leslie Griffy, the journalist who wrote the article, seemed to be very shocked by the results. Griffy claims that the results were based on overall data gathered by FBI. This data specifically includes crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and assault. Even though New York might have an overall lower crime rate than San Jose, New York has an overwhelming high murder rate. It all depends on how the viewer looks at it.
After reading the Newspaper, I decided to read the same article online. To my surprise, I found that the article online and the newspaper were basicially the same, word for word. Though the newspaper and the online article were similar, there is one slight difference between the two. The newspaper version of the article contains pictures, bar graphs, and detailed statistics about crimes in large cities while the online version lacked all the above. The online version, though having one picture of San Jose, did not have any visual images at all. After comparing the different versions of the article, I conclude by saying that the Newspaper version is superior to the online version due to it's visual content.


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