Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Third Training Day on KSJS

From the last time I wrote about the radio station, I had my first chance to actually say something on the air. My third day of training is nothing compared to the first two training sessions.
My third day started off with a bang. As soon as I entered the studio, Beatnik immediatley asked me to use the mic. She asked me to say hello and tell listeners that I was at the studio. After saying such things, I then had to ready the list of music I had to play on the air. Beatnik then told me that I am going to speak at every time we go on air. So, for the rest of Beatnik's show, I was the one front annoucing and back annoucing tracks, reading the live PSA and promos, and updating listeners with information. It was tough at first, but at the end, I got the hang of it. I'm actually quite familar with using the mic now.
Not only was I speaking on the mic a lot, I was also the one playing the music. I was the one setting up the cds, queing up the music tracks, and adjusting the volume the board. It's still a pretty overwhelming process. I would probably get use to it over the next training session.
Another thing I had to do on my third training session was answer the phone lines. This tended to be a very annoying process. Every couple of minutes the phone would ring and I would forced to answer the call. Most of the time, the caller would make music request. These request were annoying because I had to literally dig into the shelves of the studio to find the specific song the caller wanted.
Another task I had to complete was filling out the music and traffic logs. Everytime I played a song or presented a PSA, I had to write it down on the log. It's one of the radio stations way of keeping track with what was said on the air.
Though my third day was pretty much an overwhelming day, it was still pretty much fun. I got a lot of feed back from friends and family that were listening to me. Basically, everyone that knew that listened to the radio the station said that my voice sounded funny. I just can't wait for my next training to come.

My next training day is at Thurday morning, 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Listen to KSJS right now.


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