Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Opinion on Howard Stern

Howard Stern has been known for his highly controversial humor. His jokes would range from race, sex, religion, and many other topics. Since Howard Stern is constantly verbal abusing people, I highly disapprove him. I would find much of his comments irritating and offensive. Howard Stern can be known for some for his comments about children. I totally disapprove of any kind of violence, even verbal violence, towards children or minors. The reason why I dislike Howard's statements about children is because I've always considered children to be innocent and it be would quite unfair to degrade children when they can't defend themselves against a powerful radio mogul. Another Stern topic that I find most irritating is religion. Howard would constantly bombard religion with harsh comments that would offend it. Religion is an important part to human civilization. It has helped our societies grow and evolve. Also, religion helped people prosper by providing guidelines that benefit a person's lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually. In Howard’s quotes, he would often blame religion dividing people. As a final thought, I despise Howard Stern. I would find his comments irritating and very annoying. His comments can also cause people to think differently about certain subjects. In other words, Howard Stern can be somewhat considered as propaganda. His comments can be consider quite dangerous if people were to actually follow what he is saying. I suggest we remove Howard Stern from the radio immediately, so it can spare people from getting their feelings hurt.


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