Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Magazine for a Hip Hop Head

I suscribe to many different kinds of magazines, Vibe, Game Informer, Nintendo Power, and numerous others. Out of all the magazines that I read each month, the one that I tend to enjoy the most would be Scratch magazine. Scratch is a magazine dedicated to true hip hop. Unlike other hip hop magazines such as Vibe, and The Source, Scratch tends to be less commercial. It would tend to talk about more about lyrical and more self-concious hip hop rather than mainstream, commercialized hip hop. Another reason why I cherish this magazine is because of it's content. The writers in this magazine would write very intersting Cd reviews. The great thing about this magazine is not only do they write Cd reviews, but they also write mixtape reviews as well. Another great factor this magazine has, is that it comes in multiple covers. If a person who want's to buy the magazine but doesn't like the cover, the magazine would give the person the option the buy the alternate cover instead. As I wrote earlier, Scratch magazine has more interesting articles than the other hip hop magazines. The reason why it has better articles is because Scratch would tend to write articles about things that would benefit the hip hop culture rather than the other hip hop magazines who would write articles about hip hop industry. Scratch magazine would most likely appeal to true hip hop fans rather than casual mainstream rap fans. Also, Scratch magazine would write articles about old school hip hop artists. It's sort of like paying a tribute to the pioneers of hip hop. With great Cd and mixtape reviews, excellent articles about true hip hop, and less commercial appeal, Scratch magazine would be my favorite magazine for a long time to come.

This is my favorite Scratch magazine cover. It pictures Nas, one of my all time favorite emcees, and DJ Premier, one of my all time favorite producers. Not only is this my favorite cover, it is also my favorite issue as well. It not only featured stories about DJ Premier and Nas's new album, it also talks about other notable hip hop figures such as Marley Marl, Rhymefest, and The Notorious BIG. This was January 2006 issue.

Here's their website, if anybody want's more information.


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