Monday, September 25, 2006

A lesson from Kool G Rap

As you know, the record industry is dying. Millions of people download and copy songs from the internet, thus causing the the industry to lose a lot money. Sooner or later, cds will cease to exist and all the new music will be available for download. As soon as cds become media it past, it can easily become a collectors item. A value of a Cd can easily become 10x it's original price. How do I know this? Well here's an example. A rapper by the name of Kool G Rap is considered to be hip hop legend. He gain his legendary status from his versitile flow and great storytelling abilities in the mid 1980's. Also, it is claimed that Kool G Rap founded gangster rap in the east coast. After releasing two of albums, he was ready to make his third and best albums ever. When his album, titled "Live and Let Die," was finally released in 1992, it lived up to it's expectation. Kool G Rap brought his raw lyrical talent while Sir Jinx, of the Lench Mob, brought the funky beats. Also in the album, there was song titled "Two to the Head," which featured the gangster rap founders. It had Kool G Rap, representing East Coast, Scarface and Bushwick Bill, representing the dirty South and Ice Cube, representin the West Coast. This album had all the ingredients to become a classic hip hop album. Though it all seems to good to be true, there seems to be one gigantic setback, the CD cover. The album cover depicted two caucasian males hanging from a noose, while two individuals fed their dogs in front of them. This cover drew a lot of controversey, which eventually led the album to be pulled off the shelves for good. Till this day, the album still remains out of print.

Today, the album is one of the most expensive albums I have ever seen. Just guess how much the price is for a brand new one at Amazon?

Now imagine all the Cds you own. Next, imagine each one being out of print. Now, imagine each of your out of print cds selling over 10x their actual price.

As for me, money sounds really tempting, but I prefer staring at my Cd collection rather than selling them.

On the side note, I actually own that album.


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