Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Face In The Crowd review

After knowing that Andy Griffith was has leading role in this film, I totally expected this film to be outstanding. I've watch a lot of Andy Griffith in the past, mostly The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock, and for most of the time I was entertained. Andy Griffith has that certain charisma that most actors don't have. As for this film, I was not let down at all. Andy Griffith and co-star Patricia Neal did such a wonderful job, I was impressed throughout the whole film. I expected this film to have great acting and I got what I wanted.
The story centers around a hobo name Lonesome Rhodes, Andy Griffith, and his road to success. After being hired by Marcia Jefferies, Patricia Neal,to sing at the local radio station, Rhodes started building a strong fan base. The expansion of fame grew quickly and Rhodes became local superstar. Eventually after having a lot of fans, Rhodes moved out from the radio and worked in a TV station. Sooner or later, Rhodes was offered a job in New York, and became promoter for Viatrex, a stimulant pill. Rhodes at one point got so popular, the whole country knew his name.
Griffith did an excellent job acting the part of Rhodes. He really into character and he brought along some raw talent that gave his character a realistic appeal. Another great aspect about this film was the drama elements. For some moments in the film, I felt somewhat sympathetic to Patricia Neal's character. After suffering through many of Rhodes lies, I can't help but feel bad for Marcia.
Even though this film contain great acting and a good plot, there was one part of the film that I didn't like. I dislike the fact there were too many characters in the movie. Since Rhodes constantly switched occupations, it was difficult to remember who some of the characters were. But overall, this was a great film and it totally deserves a lot of praise.




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