Monday, October 16, 2006

The Three Most Important TV Shows

There are many TV shows today that are pure garbage. For example, reality shows, except Flavor of Love, are trash in my opinion. It's loaded with a bunch half witted human beings that are pitted against each other. A total waste of time in my opinion. Though most of today's TV shows contain idiots and dry acting, there are some TV programs out there that would tend to have some importance.
After much thought, one of the choices for an important TV show would have be an educational program. Shows that would educate the public rather than demoralize it tend to be important. Out of all the educational programs, I would have to chose the show Sesame Street. This is much more important than most people think. With Sesame Street, kids at a very young age can learn the basics of academic knowledge. By watching Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch, kids can spell the words like cat, formulate equations such as (1+1= ?), and learn to share. These lessons can help children adapt to modern society a lot faster.
Another television program that should be recognized for its importance are News programs. Basically without the News, the public who do not read articles online or on newspaper would remain clueless. They would not know what is going on. News programs keep the public informed about important information such as, natural disasters, breakthrough research, and other relevent items. News is so important that numerous channels are devoted to just news alone.
And finally, the last important TV program that everyone should consider watching family sitecom shows. Though these shows are kind of cheesy, they provide interesting life lessons that can't be learned in any textbook. For example, the show The Wonder Years provides the solution to many problems teenagers face. Not only does these types of shows teach important lessons, it also helps keep the family together. These TV shows are family friendly so anybody in the family can enjoy watching it together. Also, another point about family sitecoms is that it's a mirror image of the typical American family at the time. Basically, viewers can watch family sitecoms and can relate to it's episodes because it has close ties with the events going on in the real world. It can show other nations how American families are like.
Education programs, News programs, and Family sitecoms are the backbone to American Society. Without Eductional programs such as Sesame Street, children and other people won't be able to learn information that can help them progress throughout society. If there were News programs such as evening news, everyone would know what is going on in the country. Without family sitecoms such The Wonder Years, Americans won't have the chance to learn and reflect on family life. We all needs these important TV programs to help the American Society advance into a more productive country.


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