Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nas's new album leaks a couple of tracks

Hip Hop is Dead, the newest album by Nas, is destined to be the most anticpated hip hop album of the year. Ever since Nas signed with Def Jam and former rival Jay-Z, concious hip hops eagerly wait for his next masterpiece to come out. In last year's Vibe magazine , Nas's next album was voted to be the most anticipated album of 2006, next to The Game's The Doctor's Advocate. Halfway through the year, Nas stunned the media by annoucing the title of his next album. The title "Hip Hop is Dead," drew some mix feedback between hip hop fans. Many of the fans thought the title was a great idea because it helped addressed the problem that Hip Hop is slowing dying due to it's money hungry corporations. Others believe the title was irrelevant because they believed that Hip Hop is still alive and that it is not dying. Overvall, Nas addressed the public saying that his latest album will include topics that revolve around the Hip Hop is dying belief, a dedication to old school rap artists, an unauthorized biography of KRS-ONE, and the long awaited collaboration with Jay-Z. Nas also said that his album would include great Hip Hop producers such as DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Will.I.AM.,and Salam Remi. Most of all, the hype for this album has been unbelieveable. Numerous Hip Hop forums were flooded by Nas fans due to their excitement of the album. Though everything looked good for Nas, there were some times where he would suffered some negative parts. "Hip Hop is Dead," was scheduled to released on September, 14, Nas's birthday, but instead the album delayed to till some time in the month November. As time grew closer, Nas album again was then again delayed till the month of December. Not only is his album being delayed, he also has to face some tough competition. Jay-Z, just recently coming out of retirement, is dropping his album, "Kingdom Come", in the month of November along side The Game's "Doctor's Advocate."
Just recently, inside Hip Hop forums, there were numerous threads that would show leaked songs of Nas's album. The songs leaked from album so far is "
I suggest you download these leaked songs and formulate an early opinion on the album. From what I have heard so far, this is destined to one of Nas's best works. It's a classic in the making.


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