Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3rd Annual Hip Hop Honors

I can summerize the award show in just one word. "Amazing!" All the performances, all the artists, all the rhymes were simply amazing. I was basically out of my seat most of the time due to all the excitement. The show was excellent and I suggest everyone to catch a rerun.
The show first started with Beastie Boys. Placing them first was definatly a great choice because they were able to hype up the show. With their raw energy, they were able to get the crowd pumped up for the other performers. They were great.
Another great part of the show was when the West Coast took the stage. Ice Cube's performace was exciting. He filled the stage with his charismatic lyrics that had the crowd jumping. But the most chilling part of the show was when Lil Eazy E took the stage. Eversince Eazy E died of AIDS in the mid 90's, rap fans had been left in sorrow. By watching Lil Eazy E perform, the audience felt chills down their spines. Lil Eazy was the spitting image of his father. When Lil Eazy E was on stage, it was like seeing Eazy E himself. His pressence was truly felt when his son performed. A very emotional part of the show.
The most hypest part of the show would be the very end when Wu-Tang Clan performed. The whole clan were definatly wild. When the group performed the song "The Triumph," the whole crowd went crazy. It was also funny to see Method Man jump into the crowd and walk on the balcony. One the best parts of the whole show.
Out of the whole show, the part that I favored the most is when Rakim took the Stage. Rakim is one of my favorite Emcees of all time. When he took the stage, I nearly fell off my couch. He totally brought the biggest vibe in the whole show. He performed songs such as his classic "I Ain't No Joke," that got everyone rapping. I could see most of the people in the crowd were rapping along with Rakim as he performed. Truely a phenomenal site.

Which part of the Show did you enjoy the most?

A. The Beastie Boys
B. Mc Lyte
C. Rakim
D. Ice Cube
E. Eazy E.
F. Russel Simmons
G. Afrika Bambaata
H. Wu Tang Clan


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Hey Truth, just wondering if you have a group yet; if not, did you want to group up for the MCOM 72 presentation?
I have lots of ideas but still need a complete group. What do you say???


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