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Since I won't be in class this Thursday, I decided to a blog about a very important TV station in the Philippines. ABS-CBN is a very popular TV station in the country. The station contains a lot of different kinds of TV programs. Out of all the programs, dramas, game shows, and talk shows seemed to be most favored by Filipinos.
In the Philippines, soap operas a very popular. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because Filipinos in the Philippines are constantly living in a troubled state. Philippines is a third world country and many of it's citizens are poor or constantly in need of help. I believe Filipinos love these soap operas because they can easily relate to the characters on the shows.
One popular show called,Maalaala Mo Kaya, is show that features a different heart warming story everytime. Popular themes for these kinds of stories include love and overcoming hardships. These kinds of shows can fill Filipinos with much hope.
Other than dramas, talk shows tend to be another popular part of the TV station. Talk shows would most likely feature celebrities, Filipino's with special talents, or Filipino with special stories to tell.
The reason why these talk shows are popular is because Filipinos love celebrities. Filipinos are constantly talking about Celebrities all the time. So, a good way to gossip about celebrities is on talk shows. Seeing succussful Filipinos can also give the people some hope.
Another popular part of the station has to include game shows. Game shows such as the infamous "Wowowee" are popular because there is money involved. These game shows can give people in the Philippines better lives if they win.
This station is important to the Philippines because it influences the whole country. ABS-CBN can keep Filipinos informed and entertained. Also, It can give hope to those Filipinos who watch it.

In their website, there are a lot of different features. There are sections about celebrities, movies, and TV programs. The site is in Tagalish, a slang term meaning half Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, and English. Basically the whole country can understand English pretty well because it was a colony of the United States.

Another important thing about the site is the numerous references to Text messages. In the United States, text messaging can be used as an alternative of form of comunication, though it's not commonly used. In the Philippines, text messaging is life. Filipinos constantly text message each other all the time. They reason why text messages are so popular is because of the cheep price. A simple text message can cost a person about 1 piso. A piso is equivelent to 2 pennys. With text message references all over the site, Filipinos can easily communicate with the station.

Here's their website


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