Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Bridge Between Punk Rock and Hip Hop

A lot of people tend to think that Rock and Hip Hop are total opposite. Some people would think that Hip Hop is all about being gangster and "BLING BLING," when actually it's not. There is a lot of rap out there that doesn't even mention any of those material at all. I believe these kinds of alternative hip hop can convert punk rockers into hip hoppers. So if any of you punk rockers out there are reading my blog, I suggest you keep an open mind listen to some of my music suggestions.

Atmosphere is an underground Hip Hop group. Out of all the underground hip hop groups, Atmosphere tends to some popular. Their got popular due their lyrics. Slug, the Emcee of the group, raps lyrics that tend to be very emtional and hardcore at the same time. Also his lyrics tend to be very poetic. Here's a sample from the song God Loves Ugly. Slug's emotional delivery matched with Ant's, Atmoshpere's music producer, piano sample is perfect Hip Hop chemistry. This song was an instant Underground Hip Hop classic.

Sage Francis is one of the greatest lyricists to ever grace the microphone. His deep lyrics are filled with metaphors that can leave listeners in a world of confusion. Sage Francis's lyrics is spoken word poetry at it's finest. Here is a sample from his songs Personal Journalist and Climb Trees. Sage Francis is truly on a level of his own.

I believe if any punk rocker were to listen to these emcees, they would have a different opinion about the Hip Hop genre. I know a lot of Punk Rockers who convert into Hip Hoppers overnight after listening to these underground rappers. For any rap haters out there, I suggest you listen to these artists. These underground emcees would break the stereotype that all rappers rap about "Bling Bling." Who knows. Maybe you guys would like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

Speaking as a former punk rocker, I doubt it, but I'd be willing to give it a try. I can happily listen to the Sex Pistols and The Buzzcocks any day of the week, but Hip Hop puts me to sleep.

5:58 PM  

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