Monday, November 13, 2006

My Fourth Training Day at KSJS

I started my fourth training day with a quick review. I first asked my trainer operate the board and fill out the logs while I observed for the very last time. This will be the very last time Beatnik would show me how everything works. After she spent an hour reviewing the basics, I was ready to start an hour all to myself.
To start of my hour, I played the "Kings of Rock," by Run DMC. It was a lively track that lasted five mins. I choose this song because it's longer than an average hip hop track, also I helps establish the mood for the rest of the show. During the 5 mins, I was able to dig into to KSJS music library and find the songs that I would play on air. Also during time, I would ready the medium rotation tracks and the heavy rotation tracks. After playing another song, I had prepare myself before talking on the air live. Right when the song ended, I started up the instrumental track, a track contains only music and no lyrics, and began to speak. I basically told my listeners that I have officially taken over the radio station and kicked Beatnik off the studio. Beatnik thought it was a funny gimmick. Shortly after making my first solo annoucment live, the phone rang. It was listener who wanted to request a song. I digged through the library again and I was able to find the exact track he wanted.
Through out most of my show, I was bombared with numerous phone calls. All of them requested certain tracks to be played on air. Though I was frustrated that I was not able to select most of the music for my program, I was still able to abide by my listeners request.
There was part of the program were I messed up pretty bad. At around the 20 min. mark, I had to read a live public service annoucement on air. After reading it, potted down the instrumental and began to play another track. As I played the track, I began to ramble about how my voice sounded funny. To my surprise, Beatnik pointed out that I forgot to turn off my microphone. In other words, my listeners were able to hear the ramblings I made toward myself.
After the my finishing my training session, I was greeted by my friends at the Student Union. They claimed that they heard me on the radio. Suddenly, my friends started to laugh. My friends then told me that they were the ones making the requests on the radio. Also, they even altered their voice so I would not recognize them.
Overall, my session was really fun. I was able to play music for my listeners to enjoy. This week would be my last Training Session. According to Beatnik, I would have 2 hours all to myself. I just hope that I would be able to pull this gig off.

Want to listen to KSJS but don't know when your favorite music genre will be on? Here is the schedule.

Don't forget to tune in to my last training session this
Thursday 8:00-10:00 am.

Listen to KSJS right now.


Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

When you're a famous hip-hop DJ, come back and speak to my classes, OK?

1:24 PM  
Blogger Truth Hurts said...

Sure, I'll speak to your class. That is, if I pass the DJ class first.

2:35 AM  

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