Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is Hip Hop Dead?

According to Nas, a self-conscious rapper, Hip Hop is slowly dying due to it's lack of self control. Hip Hop is not like what it was once now. Back then, Hip Hop was not about money, it was actually more about being something. At that early time period, Hip Hop did not involve a lot of money. Local DJs would assemble parties at the parks and play music to people for free. Now, Hip Hop has changed. Hip Hop is being crupted by money and large corporations.
Money has been one of the main reasons why Hip Hop is dying. Hip Hop artists of today are more focused on money rather than talent and skill. Instead of exposing some lyrical talent on the mic, current artist would rather make club hits and make more money.
Another reason why Hip Hop is dying is because the large corporations. Large corporations are the ones in control of the music artists. They are one's that influence the artist music style. Rappers are not in control of their music anymore because they are now slaves to the record label.
Much of the blame can be pointed towards the South. Their "Crunk," style of Hip Hop involves a lot of yelling and very little talent. Though their music lacks creativity, the beats of their songs are very easy to dance too, that is why it is so popular. This "Crunk," has then shadowed over what true Hip Hop sounded like. "Crunk," is best example of the death of Hip Hop. "Crunk," focuses on money rather than lyrical talent, and also it is widely influenced by the corporations the pushes it to make club hits.
Though most of the Hip Hop radio stations are filled with this type of music, there are some artists out there that are bringing the orignal style of Hip Hop back. For example, the group Little Brother is widely known for their lyrical abilities that mimicked early 90's Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Others artist such as Lupe Fiasco, Common, Nas, and many others are also contributing to the return to the Golden Age of Hip Hop. It's is up to the listeners to decide which is more important, the essence of Hip Hop culture or money.


Blogger Anngiely S. said...

Hip hop is not dead, but I must agree hip hop these days are lacking much creativity. I miss the days of A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

southern rap has put hip hop back 20 years. its hard to legitimize this trash.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Truth Hurts said...

Dead can be a metaphor with many meanings.

Hip Hop is Dead can mean that true hip hop can be found underground and not at the mainstream.

Also it can mean that Hip Hop does not have the influence on society as it once had.

It can have a lot of meanings.

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hip hop is not dead!!! Living proof LIPHH FLY. Google him and u tell me if hiphop is still dead

8:15 PM  
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