Thursday, December 14, 2006

What kind of Media Consumer am I now?

After being in Mcom72 for an entire semester, all I can say is that not much has changed. Not much as changed since I last blogged about my media consumption. I still read the newspaper in the morning so I can keep in touch with the current events. Also, I would still go online to check email and shop at Amazon. I still have very little time to watch TV and listen to Hip Hop on a daily basis. For the most part, I am still the same media consumer as I once was.
Though most of my media consumption habits remain the same, there parts of it that were changed due to this class. One change it did was influence my ability to judge media more critically. Wheither it's critisizing a propaganda message, judging Howard Stern's comments, or analyzing a foregin TV station, this class has made me a more intellectual media consumer.
Another important aspect this class help me with was blogging. This class inspired me to blog, not only for self satiscfaction but also for others. Also, class helped me learn the importance of blogging. I learned that it is important for my future career as a Magazine Journalist.
Out all the events that happened in class, the blogging project, the group presentation, and many others, the one that made huge impact was watching the movie "A Face In The Crowd." That movie totally changed the way I view at media. Since the story revolved around a convict that suddenly became a national icon, it made me wonder about today's society. When I look at today's society, thugs and gangster are turned into heros while sluts and whores become role models, it totally scared me. My perception of the society is forever changed due that movie. Overall, it was an interesting class that proved to be somewhat of a success.

Special Thanks

-My group mates Julian Harris and Krystyna Coria. Thank you for pulling through to make our presentation a success. There were just 3 of us and we were able to pull it off. We rocked!!!

-Kelley Lugea. For being the first to post a comment on my blog.

-Amir Masood. For having interesting things to say in his blog.

-Anngiely Salvacion. For checking up on me and making sure I stayed focus in class.

-For everyone that made a comment on my blog. Even those spam peeps. Just seeing a comment on my blog made my day.

- For anyone that actually read my blog at least once. Thanks for donating a portion of your time.

- To those people that followed my radio experience at KSJS. Just to let you guys know, I passed the class!

-And lastly, I liked to thank Prof. Buchwitz for having the class. I seriously learned a lot about the role of the media in today's society. Wheither it's radio, TV, or newspaper, you talked about all of them. Also, thank you for all the blogging tips you gave me and leaving comments on my blog. I would also like to thank you for allow my group to present even though we only had three people. And lastly, thanks for the pizza at the last day of class.


Blogger Anngiely S. said...

"Anngiely Salvacion. For checking up on me and making sure I stayed focus in class."

Your welcome, anytime. Glad to be on your shout outs! Make sure to keep in touch because I'm sure you'll be a hip hop critic and then you could hook me up with some hip hop artists! HAH Just kidding.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Lilly Buchwitz said...

You're welcome, Truth. And thank you for teaching me about hip-hop. Incidentally, you left your CD in my computer, and you're not getting it back. :-)

So you want to be a magazine journalist, do you? This is just a wild guess -- you'd like to write for a music magazine? Maybe at The Source?

You have such a great name. I will definitely recognize and remember it when I see it on a magazine cover.

Keep on blogging. Your blog can be all hip-hop, all the time, now.

1:07 PM  
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